Rozic Warns of Deceptive STAR Solicitations

Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D-Hillcrest) recently issued a consumer advisory, warning residents of solicitations offering a fee-based service to apply for the School Tax Relief (STAR) property tax exemption—when homeowners can apply for free.

Enrollment for taxpayers ends Dec. 31. The STAR rebate program is the only New York State-funded property tax exemption to help New Yorkers. But, as with all government programs—be careful. Make sure to deal only with the official State Dept. of Taxation and Finance or the City Dept. of Finance forms.

Interested participants can register by visiting or by calling (518) 457-2036. Help is available in person, with locations listed by calling or visiting the website.

According to Gov. Cuomo’s office, more than 60 percent of STAR recipients have registered for exemptions. Rozic invites homeowners to call her office at (718) 820-0241 or email with questions or concerns.