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  1. Pedro Valdez Rivera Jr.

    And this is exactly I was worrying about: A borough-wide civil war like any other in Queens on the issues of transportation: Its the NIMBYs vs. Queensrail vs. Queensway VS. SBS; just like the a borough-wide civil war between Brownstone Brooklyn and South Brooklyn over the F Express Proposal along the IND Culver Line that will be implementing in the considerable future. Trust me, 2017 is the year that will end this debacle. In the meantime, I’d rather stay on the sidelines.

    1. Philip McManus

      It’s not a civil war. It’s a battle for the hearts and minds of our people. The QueensWall and SBS/ Zero Vision is the problem. Get rid of Mayor Gridlock and Bikehead. We need a new common sense Mayor that will bring back the QueensRail, open our traffic lanes, restore our speed limits and share our transportation system without discriminating against outer borough and suburban commuters. People need cars, buses, trains, vans, trucks, emergency vehicles and ferries too. Stop killing us with gridlock and tickets. Teach and Enforce the law for everyone. Give us more transportation options not less.
      Why does Queens and Brooklyn pay a toll to travel to Rockaway Beach? Why does our government refuse to reopen a stolen railway called the QueensRail? Do we have a park crisis or a transportation crisis? Are our parks overcrowded or our subway system? Do you need a park that divides Queens with a bike trail? Or do you need the QueensRail that will increase subway capacity and unite Queens and the region? Do you want slower and longer commutes that cause more accidents and gridlock?
      Do you want more tickets with Mayor Disaster or the QueensRail with a new common sense Mayor?
      Who do you think gets tickets? Inner borough or outer borough commuters. Who has more transit options? Who pays more with tolls, tickets, poverty, crime and pollution? Stop Mayor Divide and Conquer DeBlasio. Get organized and take back our city. Join us at

  2. Philip McManus

    Dear Friends and Members,

    Do you support the QueensRail?

    Please help us and write a comment and get your family and friends to write.

    Rally for a QueensRail comment.

    Vote with your comments.

    We need to recruit new people and build a larger network.

    We need transportation on railway tracks not the QueensWall or Select Baloney Service that takes away reasonable speed limits, traffic lanes, bus stops, left turns, parking and forces people on dangerous median to catch a bus. Stop stealing our time, freedom, safety, unity and prosperity with unequal transit services. Get rid of Mayor Zero Vision and Gridlock. Stop closing out traffic lanes. Gridlock slowly kills commuters and communities.
    Bring back our train that took 45 minutes to travel from Queens to Manhattan. Trains are faster than buses. Why settle for less. SBS is a Mess. Support the QueensRail and unite north and south Queens. Join us today and stop Mayor Chaos.

    Philip McManus
    Queens Public Transit Committee

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