Ralph Kiner Will Be Missed

To The Editor:

It is sad to read of the passing of Ralph Kiner, a true legend and who was most revered in baseball. Ralph Kiner and his Kiner’s Korner was a main staple for many Mets fans in his post game show on WOR. But he was more than that in his career as a major baseball player and as a broadcaster. He was a true role model, and he was a man that loved our national pastime and believed you didn’t need drugs to compete successfully. Kiner hit 369 home runs in his 10-year career. It is a shame some players in the age of steroids didn’t follow his example and who have disgraced the game by cheating, thinking this was the right road to greatness. Well, Ralph Kiner didn’t think so and that is what made him great and will truly be missed.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,
Glen Oaks Village