Queens Tribune Endorsements

Queens Borough President Democratic Primary
Queens is the fastest growing County in the City, and as we look toward an uncertain financial future, the Borough requires a strong, independent voice that will fight to ensure that Queens gets its fair share in comparison to the rest of the City.

We have no doubt that both Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. and former Councilwoman Melinda Katz would serve as strong advocates for the people of Queens. But only one of these candidates stands out more as an independent leader, whose voice will be heard not just in Queens, but throughout the City.

While we disagree on some issues – Stop and Frisk being an important example – Peter Vallone Jr. has spent his time as a City Councilman doing what he believed was right to fight for the people of Queens. Melinda Katz is a capable candidate, who has proven herself extremely knowledgeable with regards to zoning and land use. However, her strong connection to and dependence on real estate developers in both this campaign and her previous campaign for Comptroller gives us some pause.

As Borough President, we believe Vallone will ensure Queens has someone who will stand above the crowd and have his voice heard at City Hall.

The Queens Tribune endorses Peter Vallone Jr.


District 19 Democratic Primary
For the past few months, the 19th City Council District has had an absentee offcial, as the man elected to represent this district awaits trial on fraud charges and seems more interested in setting up business for his post-Council career. District 19 needs a fresh start and this primary is an opportunity to move past a stormy present.

The district needs someone with experience in governmental affairs, someone who knows how the system works, someone who will make sure the district receives its share of funds from City Hall. Having worked for both former U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, we believe Austin Shaffran will give the 19th District the type of leadership it needs to properly represent his constituents.

The Queens Tribune endorses Austin Shaffran.

District 22 Democratic Primary
A number of strong candidates seek to replace the term-limited Peter Vallone Jr., with hopes of representing one of the fastest-growing areas in the Borough. The district requires an experienced hand who will continue the work to better the district.

With a decade’s worth of service on Community Board 1 and time as a member of the School Board in Astoria previous to that, Constantinos “Gus” Prentzas has a wealth of experience dealing with issues important to the district.

While his main competition for the seat, district leader Costa Constantinides, has also proven to be a valuable asset to the community, we believe Prentzas is the right independent choice to lead the district as its next Councilman.

The Queens Tribune endorses Constantinos “Gus” Prentzas.

District 24 Democratic Primary
One of a number of districts that will welcome a new face thanks to term-limited Councilmen, District 24 will benefit from an experienced hand. In his time as an Assemblyman, Rory Lancman always fought for his constituents, and we believe he will continue to do so as a member of the City Council.

We believe he is the right individual for the job, although we hope that on the City Council, he will learn to work better with his fellow Council members to get what is best for his constituents.

The Queens Tribune endorses Rory Lancman.