Queens Tribune Endorsements

For all of his accomplishments, Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves this City facing a number of challenges that he created over three terms. While Bloomberg seemed to listen to no one save himself, the next Mayor should have open lines of communication in order to rectify any number of issues. Discussions about the future of education, business growth, development and many other issues facing the City should be paramount on the next Mayor’s agenda.

After 20 years of Conservative-minded leaders, we need a progressive thinker to move past the policies that have left our educational system crippled and caught in the middle of a war with the teachers’ union; policies that have created an even larger divide between its citizens and the police, despite a lower crime rate; and policies that have all but eliminated the middle class and caused an even greater separation between the affluent and the underprivileged.

As Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio already has experience with a number of these issues. He seems to have heard the voices of those that Bloomberg left behind, and has shown a desire to build upon the positives left behind while not dwelling on the negatives. His work with the City’s less fortunate will provide a background for progressive policies that will produce a renewed sense of vitality in education reform and improvements to the City’s crumbling infrastructure.

We believe that Bill de Blasio’s vision will provide a roadmap toward the necessary goals for a stronger economy, a greater educational system and a government more open to the less fortunate.

The Queens Tribune endorses Bill de Blasio for Mayor of New York City.

Borough President
Just as the City is looking for a strong leader to be a guide through the challenging times ahead, the Borough needs a strong executive to ensure that our needs are addressed and Queens is given its fair share.

We believe that Melinda Katz will continue to be a strong and vocal advocate for Queens as Borough President. Katz has spent time in Albany, in City Hall and in Borough Hall, and her knowledge, both of the issues and the players involved, will no doubt be beneficial as we move forward.

Katz should have no problems advancing the Borough’s agenda from Day One, but her mission will only be as strong as those who join her. We hope that she will install an executive team of experienced, independent thinkers who share her dream of a better Queens.

The Queens Tribune endorses Melinda Katz for Borough President.

The chief financial officer for the City needs more than just a financial background to properly handle the job of Comptroller. Understanding the nuances of City government and how they relate to its fiscal policies is even more important than knowing how to grow a portfolio.

Between his stint as Manhattan Borough President and as a member of the State Assembly, Scott Stringer has spent the last 20 years in public service, and he has a proven track record as someone dedicated to improving the City. We believe that his experience and dedication will be a perfect fit for the role of Comptroller.

The Queens Tribune endorses Scott Stringer for Comptroller.

Council District 19
Since his last bid for the City Council seat in 2009, Paul Vallone has continued to play an active role within the district, establishing himself as a leader who cares about the community. Given the potential fate of the seat’s current occupant, the district needs a strong voice to wipe the slate clean and move forward.

We believe Vallone will be the tireless advocate the district needs.

The Queens Tribune endorses Paul Vallone for City Council District 19.  

Council District 22
Transitioning to a new representative after years having a consistent voice for the community can be a bumpy ride under the best of circumstances. Electing someone who has experience within the political sphere would be beneficial to that transition.

Of the five candidates vying to replace Peter Vallone Jr., Costa Constantinides is the one who we believe will be able to begin legislating to better the district from day one. His experience as a District Leader and as deputy chief of staff for outgoing Councilman James Gennaro will give him a proper baseline to provide for his constituents.

The Queens Tribune endorses Costa Constantinides for the 22nd Council District.

Council District 32
A member of the City Council should be someone who knows his community, someone who cares about his community and someone who wants nothing more than to better his community.

Given his years of service as an Assembly District Leader and his tireless efforts to help his neighbors adversely affected by Superstorm Sandy, we believe Lew Simon has the positive attitude needed to properly serve his district within the City Council.

The Queens Tribune endorses Lew Simon for the 32nd Council District.

State Ballot Proposal 1
For too many years, New Yorkers who wanted to visit a casino have been required to go out of state, giving revenue to New Jersey, Connecticut and elsewhere. This amendment will change that, keeping casino money in New York State and giving millions of dollars to the state’s education fund. In addition, the jobs created in areas upstate that have continued to suffer through the loss of factories and other economic engines will be a boon for the State that we simply should not pass up.

We urge our readers to vote YES on Proposal One.

State Ballot Proposal 6
When it comes to the State judicial system, we believe that the more experience our judges have means a more efficient court that better serves those who come before them. In an age where life expectancy continues to grow, it is clear that many of the men and women who serve as Justices of the Supreme Court can continue to do their jobs – and do them well – beyond the current retirement age. We should allow them the opportunity to do so.

We urge our readers to vote YES on Proposal 6.