Queens Speed Demons

Drivers in the Borough are seemingly treating the roads like they are competing in a NASCAR race lately.

According to police, the NYPD issued 736 summonses for speeding last week during a citywide crackdown last Friday through Sunday.

Queens received the most speeding tickets out of the five boroughs, where authorities wrote 266 summonses in total. The Bronx had the second most with 213.

The tickets left Queens drivers reeling at the wallet as well, as the tickets ranged from $90 to $600 according to the NYPD.

The crackdown is a part of the City’s effort to slow down drivers all over the City. Law enforcement has established 14 neighborhood slow zones and will approve 15 more in the near future. The slow zones promote safer driving including lower the speed limit in the area that it is established.

Hopefully, drivers in Queens will take note of the crackdown and pump the brakes a little while driving. After all, this isn’t the Daytona 500 or anything like that.