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  1. dan

    This article sounds as if diblasio’s people wrote it .

    It is filled with what are either lies if that is the case , and ignorance if not .

    For the information of those who wrote this piece , I and others have been protesting a SouthEast Queens shelter , and without the assistance of the people you degrade here , we would have no voice , they have travelled to us and assisted us for which we cannot thank them enough .

    As I have personally attended the demonstration in front of the hotel in my neighborhood where they assisted us , I know how they protest , police are present and all legal requirements met . There is no violence or inferences against the homeless , in fact homeless guests are included in the protests and are speakers detailing the deplorable conditions under which they are existing .

    As well , there is ample video to detail just how these protests occur , in contrast to what is being portrayed in this misleading article .

    For the record , DHS has been LYING to us regarding the conditions and requirements under which homeless residents live , as well as LYING to the public – as in this article – about just how resistance to expensive and ineffective Mayoral policy is being protested .

    Any random – and rare – out of line incidents suggested do not represent the majority at these protests , which follow the law and respect the rights and the plight of the homeless – in any scenario there always may be an aberrant occurence , and if so should not be misleadingly focused upon to disingenuously suggest that a random incident which may occur represents the majority .

    The Mayor’s strategy of demeaning those who protest his policies – which is , unfortunately , the strategy taken – and attempting to isolate and thus render opposition ineffective is quite disgusting considering that he is supposed to represent the people and not plot as to ways in which he can negatively portray them – the route this city is taking to solve this problem is a problem in itself and neither the Mayor nor this uninformed article , which was written by those obviously unaware of the realities of this issue , will succeed in turning taxpaying citizens of this City into mindless sheep who quietly acquiesce to his poor quality management which offers no viable solutions to problems other than to overspend taxpayer money and create neighborhood erosion .

    1. Joe

      Steve Banks himself wrote it, or deblasio.

  2. Gina

    I am a Maspeth resident. And the way to combat homelessness is not to place a bunch of homeless adult men a block away from a children’s playground. Its not to burden the community. The community has done it’s part especially with all the other shelters in the proximity. The way to solve the issue is to provide affordable pernament housing, cousrling, mental health evsluation, job skill training, job placement. The authors of the article speak for themselves not the community. We do not welcome the shelter, we need a better solution.

  3. Diana

    Do any of these 4 members currently reside in Maspeth?

  4. Jennifer Lopez

    I live in Maspeth and people are protesting because we have been lied to by stating the people in the Holiday Inn are from our community, there are no background checks performed and neighborhoods should not be forced to absorb the issues that homeless shelters bring especially with numerous ones in our area. To place a few homeless families in apartments in different areas of the city is the way to go not hundreds of people. There is compassion for the homeless that these hotels are not proper housing nor do they have facilities to get people back on their feet. This is a way to make a permanent location. Drive by the PanAm and tell me if you think the living conditions are sufficient. I am tired of hearing this is a racial issue. Maspeth is not an all white community. There is a huge asian and hispanic population along with other races as well, we cannot help that these other races are not coming out to protest. I am white and my husband is of hispanic decent. Yes, my first priority is to worry about my family, my children, my house price and my community. What is wrong with that??? My husband and I have worked hard for everything we have in life and there should be NOTHING wrong with wanting to protect it. While I have compassion for the homeless there need to be better policies. We should not be housing people from other states. We should find a better way for people to want to get out of shelters and not make this their life long housing situation. There should be something for them to do during the day if they do not work, like volunteer work or cleaning up the community. They need access to hospitals, mental health, etc. The people that wrote this article must not care about their families and their community. Don’t make it seem like we should feel bad because we do!

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