Queens Needs A Little Love

We can’t deny our love for the Borough of Queens, but what happens when it’s constantly being slammed for
its faults?

So what if the five of the nine worst maintained highways in New York City belong to Queens?

The Center for an Urban Future’s report also shows that nine percent of the Borough’s bridges are
structurally deficient and that the Borough’s public housing developments are in the worst physical condition of
any borough.

It is okay, we don’t need any extra attention from the State. Why would we? Apparently, our only purpose
is a rest stop for tourists and dignitaries to come in from our airports and drive out to the City.
The same highways they use to leave Queens, including the Jackie Robinson Parkway, the Shore Front
Parkway, Cross Bay Parkway, Route 25A, more commonly known as Hillside Avenue, and Route 24, Hempstead Avenue, are the same ones that have been deteriorating in recent years.

According to the report, in 2012, 52 percent of the Borough’s highways were rated “fair” or “poor,” up
from 38 percent in 2008.

Our highways may not be up to par, our airports may be referred to as “third-world countries” and the
historic Pavilion may see destruction, but Queens still has more to offer than other Borough in the world.
We’ve got the diversity, culture, language, heritage, history, ethnic food and lots of love from every
nation of the world.

Now if only someone would give us some money to repair our crumbling infrastructure…