Queens Musicians Win

24D StandaloneThe International Music and Arts Society held its Second Annual Young Artists Music Competition, with hundreds of talented musicians between the ages of 7-18 years old from New York, New Jersey and California taking part.

Queens’ musicians showed off their talent in the competition, making it difficult for the IMAS judging panel to select the winners. However, some of Queens’ most gifted students came out on top.

Lin Hong of Bayside was honored with the Distinguished Teacher award and his student Judy Zhou (pictured right) from Bayside received the grand prize award. Additional winners from Hong’s private studio were pianist William Wong, who won first prize, violinist Miriam Li, who took home the second prize and pianist Sherwin Pan, who received the third prize. Joy Lu, Sandra Yu, Serena Yang, Muchen Yu, Henry Ho, Andy Shu, Brandon Ou, Michael Buana, Robert Wong, Xiaowei Fu and Vivian Zhong were honored as well.

“We are thrilled with the turnout this year and cannot thank the teachers and students support in making our events possible. This year, the talent was incredible. This year’s Winner Recitals was another sold-out show,” Shirley Fan, IMAS Artistic Director, said. “This just shows that IMAS is continuing to expand. No doubt each year will be bigger and better!”