Queens Library Needs Support

As we celebrate National Library Week throughout the country, there is no library system more deserving of celebration than the Queens Library.

Over the decades, the Queens Library system has established itself as the “Jewel of the Library System,” not just in New York City; it has also been recognized throughout the country as having one of the largest circulations available. Add to that impressive accomplishment the thousands of programs offering help for residents of the Borough, and it is easy to understand why so many take great pride in what the Queens Library has to offer.

From naturalization training and English-language classes to online services and job seeker training, the library continues to assist tens of thousands of people each year. Throw in special events, including concerts, food tastings and book discussions, and the Queens Library’s 62 branches throughout the Borough certainly offer something for everyone.

Regardless of the troubles the Queens Library has faced in recent weeks, it is imperative that we remember all the good that the system does for the Borough. Many of the programs the library offers provide vital lifelines to the community for thousands of people who could not afford the assistance otherwise.

But these programs – not to mention the items in circulation throughout the Borough – require funding. We hope that as budgets are prepared and grants are offered, that decision-makers keep these programs in mind and realize that the people who rely on these services to help better their lives do not deserve to be punished.