Queens College To Renovate TV Studio

Staff Writer

Queens College is set to upgrade its television studio for the first time in 50 years.

The institution will completely renovate its 3,250-square-foot television production studio, marking the first major change at the site since it was constructed in 1960. With a price tag between $1.5 and $1.7 million, work is due to begin this summer.

Once it is completed, the new studio will have state-of-the-art digital equipment and facilities available for students and faculty alike. The work will completely gut the media space, removing the tiered floor and asbestos in designated areas. The main production studio, prop area, green room, master control room, engineering room, server room and audio productions suite will all be given makeovers. New flooring, painting, lighting, an acoustical ceiling and a new handicap lift will be installed.

The audio and TV studios will include soundproofing, with an acoustic board, rated doors, windows and associated seals and sound dampening. All electrical equipment and systems, such as light fixtures, theatrical lighting panel boards, receptacles and connections will be replaced to fit with the requirements of modern equipment.

The construction will also make the studio more environmentally-friendly, by adding LCD lighting and efficient air conditioning units.

“At the end of the day, we’re going to reduce the energy usage of the facility,” Dave Gosine, director of Facilities Design, Construction and Management, said.

The renovations will interfere with day-to-day operations at King Hall, the building that the studio is located in. Gosine added that the college will try to do the work during breaks to not bother the students or faculty.

“We have to shut it down to do the renovation. We’re hoping we can do the renovation in the summer time or over the winter break,” he said. “If we need swing space, we’ll look to see if we can use facilities at Queensborough or LaGuardia.”

Queens College plans to have the studio completed by the end of 2015.

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