QBC 15 Returns To McFadden’s Next Year

Staff Writer

The Queens Baseball Convention is making its return next year.

After the success of last year’s first event, baseball fans can again celebrate America’s national past time on Jan. 10 at McFadden’s Citi Field.

Although planning for the convention’s second edition is in its early stages, tickets for the event are already on sale.

Shannon Prior, the convention’s organizer, said they hope people buy the tickets early in order to give them more capital as they go deeper into negotiations for booking guests and organizing the convention itself.

“We’re asking them to take the leap of faith and buy tickets earlier,” Prior said.

The focus of the panels during the event will change slightly, according to Prior. He said what they learned from last year is that Question and Answer discussions were more popular among the audience so they will have more of those for the second edition. One idea floated is a possible panel on who is the greatest New York Mets player ever, according to Prior.

They do not know who will be appearing at next year’s convention, but Prior did say it is less challenging logistically to book retired players than current Mets players, as there are additional fees and scheduling issues that may pop up.

In any case, Prior said he has “some pretty big asks” out there to appear at the convention.

“I’d rather be told ‘no, that’s impossible’ than not try at all,” he said.

Ron Darling and Ed Kranepool were among the ex-Mets players to appear at QBC last year.

Prior said last year’s event reception was mostly positive, with small complaints like a long food line being the only negative comments.

“We were  just blown away by the love that it got,” he said.

Now that QBC has established itself as a successful convention, organizers hope they will be able to use that to attract bigger companies and special guests to the event, Prior said. Already setting a date for the convention will also make it easier to plan out the convention as the process moves forward.

“It’s a puzzle but it’s a fun puzzle to fill out,” Prior said.

Tickets for the convention are available for purchase at

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