Punsters of Queens: David Yale

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When it comes to puns, David Yale is definitely one of the best.

The Bayside-based author has published not one, but two fun-filled, pun-packed books that are chockfull of mondegreens and clever satire.

If you love the ins and outs of language or have a good sense of humor, then Yale’s creative way with words will be right up your alley.

Since he was a child, Yale said he heard words differently than everyone else.

He would often hear words as a mondegreen, which is a misinterpretation that results in a word being heard as a different, similarly sounding one.

When used properly, the results can be funny.

“Since my Dad and my Uncle Arthur loved punning, it wasn’t long before I became a pint-sized punster myself,” Yale said.

“One of my first puns was when I asked my Dad, ‘Did you know that there used to be two streets named Stone Avenue in Brooklyn, but on one they took the Rockaway?’”

When Yale was in fifth grade, he got his first writing break, with his poetry published in the East New York Savings Bank newsletter.

The author has been hooked on words for most of his life, majoring in English in college and learning from an “old-school” reporter during his time in public relations with the Oakland Parks and Recreation Dept.

Yale’s first book, “Pun Enchanted Evenings,” came out of puns he would write down on slips of paper as he went through his day-to-day life.

Several of his friends encouraged him to put them in book form, which he did.

The challenge though was getting the book published.

It took some time and a few tries, but the book was released in 2010.

“I really had to proofread it carefully because the editor had type-O blood!

But that one won a Global eBook Award for Humor,” Yale said.

“That gave me a lot of inkcouragement, and the second book was easy.”

“HomesPun Humor” was released in September 2013.

Containing 823 pieces of wordplay, the publication was a finalist in the Indie Excellence® National Book Awards.

Yale said he was thrilled about the success of “HomesPun Humor.”

“It feels wonderful! It’s good to see a book of wordplays recognized because puns are so into wit-ive!

They’re more than jest for kids — groan-ups love them, too, even awe-ful puns,” he said.

Yale plans to continue his string of successes with another book of puns in the near future, with the possible title of “Awe! Some Puns!”

Otherwise, Yale said he might spread his skills to other markets, keeping his sense of humor along the way.

“I may start a multi-level marketing company to sell my books.

And I’m looking into launching a line of pun tee shirts,” Yale said.

“But I don’t plan to enter any live punning contests, because even though I’ve written two books of puns, I have a hard time thinking on my feat!”