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  1. Joe Moretti

    At least the Asians are standing up for what is right in their community. They do not want another homeless shelter (and especially one as large as this)dumped again in their community, especially the way this sneaking situation was handled.

    Certain communities have had to carry this burden, while other do not, so kudos for them for being so organized and coming out in full force. More than would happen in my community of Jamaica.

    And as feeling sorry for the other side, as one who has seen many shelters dumped in my community, I have seen what happens in those areas. Noise, loitering, bad behavior, litter and worse when management allows a what-ever attitude with some of these places. Then property values go down more because who wants to live near one of these places.

    Sorry, until people learn to behave like civilized people and have respect for their community, then these shelter and the people who occupy them will be shunned. They are problematic and there needs to be major oversight and proper management, otherwise these become just another crap hole place for people to act out.

    Why don’t the powers to be who want these places so bad, put them in their own back yard. de Blasio, executives of Samaritan Village, etc. instead of dumping them in already overcrowded areas that are somewhat problematic to begin with. Fix the damn system first before dumping crap like this in communities.

    So to those in homeless shelters, learn manners and respect. And it is not like you wake up one day and are homeless, that is bull. It is a long process that gets you to that point.

  2. Donna Radisch

    With respect to all, my opinion is that these Protesters are propagating Bullying by bringing children to the what should be a peaceful protest. In response to the man who said he is not in China anymore, my question is why did you leave? Why are you trying to deny education,shelter & a possibility employment to get back on their feet? There is a phrase, “There by The Grace of God Go I”. Act and be the inspiration to children, remember everybody meets their maker when their time is up.
    For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” Matthew 25:35

  3. Christina

    The fact of the matter is – which the Trib conveniently left out of the story – is that the shelter residents decided to take it upon themselves to start crap at the protest, which was NOT in front of the hotel. They mixed in with the protesters and started harassing them and the police had to separate them out and send them across the street where they continued their “go back to China” and “go make me chicken wings” chants in front of THEIR OWN KIDS.

    1/4 of the people at that shelter are not from NYC, and only 1/4 of them are from Queens. Why is Elmhurst the dumping ground for the whole city as well as a refuge for those from other parts of the country? Because NYC gives away more free crap than anywhere else and we stupid taxpayers allow it. Elmhurst already has a “family shelter” down the street causing all types of problems, so why should the area be expected to take on more?

    Save your bible crap. Jesus never said to allow freeloaders to mooch off society. These folks have more expensive phones and shoes than you do.

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