Promises To Keep

Officials at all levels of government should be ashamed of themselves for the way that homeowners and business owners have been treated in the year-and-a-half since Superstorm Sandy hit our shores.

As was evidenced by a tour last week of Howard Beach homes ravaged by the storm, too many people waiting on assistance from City, State and Federal agencies have been flummoxed by red tape and impossible-to-meet confusing standards. Some individuals have even indicated that they have been close to giving up on the Build It Back program, because it seems as though there is no chance for it to come through with its promised assistance.

The people who own the homes and businesses damaged in the fall of 2012 deserve better than the back-and-forth they have been put through, and it is time for these agencies to make amends. Hopefully with the new City administration making its mark, the people relying on the program will finally start to get what they have been waiting for.

Hopefully, Build It Back will meet its promises before the next big storm hits the Borough.