Progress Is Progress

To The Editor:

I dread the upcoming 2014 mid-term election should it reflect the disastrous 2010 election, which voted into power the “Do-nothing Congress” of the Regressive Party, setting our country back in time. This was all due to those overconfident no-show Democrats. Shame on them sitting on their lazy butts.

However, let us look forward to the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election, which has the potential to be quite monumental. When one looks back at all past Presidential elections, a pattern presents itself. All elections prior to President Kennedy were won by candidates of the various denominations of the Christian Protestant religious segment of our many faceted country. With the election of John Kennedy, we had our first Christian Catholic President.

Our most recent election was that of a brilliant man born in Hawaii, Harvard/Columbia educated by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. For those who may not have noticed, he is a Black man, African American or whatever is one’s favorite term.

We are now on the cusp of electing the first woman. Her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Remember, the wife of popular President Bill Clinton? Senator, Secretary of State… that one. Wow!

All these dramatic movements have been done by the same political party. I wonder if our next candidate will be Jewish, maybe ironically a Native American. And the forward beat goes on.

Nicholas Zizelis,