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  1. Philip McManus

    The City is trying to make cars illegal and punish Queens drivers with excessive tickets. The tale of two city’s campaign is divisive and exclusive. Vision Zero is another plan to punish drivers and have one group punished while others benefit. It’s the divide and conquer game. The Queens Public Transit Committee supports expansion of our railways to accommodate all people. We need the QueensRail (Queens Rockaway Beach Line) not traffic lane closures on Woodhaven Boulevard. We refuse to support exclusive, unfair and divisive plans like Vision Zero, Select Bus Service on Woodhaven Boulevard, and QueensWay. Reopen the QueensRail with faster, cleaner and more efficient train service. Queens and the outer boroughs need railway, bus and ferry expansion just like Manhattan. Reminder: City Hall is spending our 32 Billion dollars on railway expansion in Manhattan only while Queens is losing ferry service, travel lanes, time, money and opportunities with slower, congested and excessive tickets to benefit Manhattan. We need a Mayor who will help all the people not punish them with unnecessary tickets and Vision Zero traffic. We support faster transportation that will unite Queens and the city.
    Philip McManus

    Queens Public Transit Committee
    Faster transportation will create more social, economic, recreational, and environmental opportunities.

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