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  1. Carl Perrera

    Here’s An Idea:

    The MTA should renumber the Queensborough Community College Branch (QCC) Branch of the Q30 route to Q75 route and then have this Q75 route travel along 73rd Avenue between Utopia Parkway and Springfield Blvd. instead of the Horace Harding Expressway. At Springfield Blvd. have this route travel along 69th Avenue, 230th Street(e/b), Horace Harding Expressway (e/b), Easthampton Blvd, and 56th Avenue to QCC to terminate. This would then have the Q75 serve both Eastern Oakland Gardends and Queensborough Community College. The new Q75 could return westbound via 56thAvenue, Easthampton Blvd., Horace Harding Expressway, 233rd Street, 67th avenue, Cloverdale Blvd., 69th Avenue back to Springfield Blvd. then 73rd Avenue to Utopia Parkway. This basically converts the Q30QCC Branch to the Q75 which would then serve the former path of the Q75 as well as QCC. It would also be unnecessary to operate the new Q75 along 188th Street because the Q17/Q17 Limited has plenty of bus service in comparison to Utopia Parkway so would be best to utilize Utopia Parkway for the new Q75 route.

    As part of this plan the MTA should also keep the Little Neck Parkway Q30 Branch the same route number and route path (i.e along the Horace Harding Expressway between Little Neck Parkway and Utopia Parkway) . Consideration however should be given to extend Q30 route from Little Neck Parkway/Horace Harding Expressway to the LIRR Little Neck Station for direct LIRR connection for more Little Neck passengers. Consideration should also still be given to revising the Q88 route by taking it off of 73rd Avenue and keeping it on the Horace Harding Expressway to streamline that route and provide additional bus service to Horace Harding Expressway including connecting to St. Francis Prep High School at Francis Lewis Blvd. as well to supplement the (original & remaining) Little Neck Parkway Branch of the Q30 route. Some Q88 buses could also be rerouted at Springfield Blvd. to either loop in and out of the Queensborough Community College Campus or just terminate some Q88 buses there thus providing additional access to QCC for more Queens bus passengers coming from the west. Based upon ridership patterns in may only be necessary to operate the Q88 to the Queens village LIRR Station during the AM & PM rush hours while during the off peak times an additional extra transfer could be provided to the Q27/Q27 Limited route which is an very frequent route. During off peak times the Q88 could terminate at Queensborough Community College to increase the frequency to points west by the shorter route.

    In Jamaica the Q30 and Q31 route should also be extended to terminate where the Q60 terminates at 157th Street/109th Avenue and the Q60 rerouted to 165th Sstreet Terminal via Jamaica Avenue. This would allow the current Q30/Q31 terminal at 146th Street in Jamaica to be utilized by the Q43/Q43 Limited bus and possibly the Q1 and Q36/Q36 Limited if extended in the future so that SBS could be added to the Q43/Q36 routes. The new Q75 route (former & revised Q30QCC Branch) could be further extended from Sutphin Blvd./Archer Avenue in Jamaica to the Rockaway Blvd. Subway Station in Ozone Park to connect with many South Queens bus routes and the A Subway Line proving faster bus access to Queensborough Community College from South Queens and the Rockaways. The routing of this segment of the Q75 route could be determined by the MTA or the Q75 route could be merged with the Q41 route.

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