Political Hot Stove

A number of newly-elected officials are preparing to take office in January. But some officials who will be out of a job in two months are also looking to the future.

Gennaro PhotoWith term limits pushing them out of the public service limelight, a handful of officials have been making plans for life after City Hall, and it doesn’t necessarily mean a life of playing golf and taking vacations.

Rumors have been swirling about Leroy Comrie since he dropped out of the Borough President’s race this summer. The popular Southeast Queens councilman has been thrown around as a potential deputy borough president, not just in Queens, but in other Boroughs as well.

Despite the Borough-wide second-in-command slots he’s been offered, we at QConf here think that Comrie may be hoping to play a part with Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s administration.

Setting his sights a little further north, in Albany, is Councilman James Gennaro. We hear the outspoken environmental advocate has reached out to fellow Queens native Gov. Andrew Cuomo for a state-wide environmental role.

Following along with where these officials end up will probably make for more fun than figuring out who – if anyone – the Mets will look to sign this offseason.