Police Work Made Easy

Crime is not something that should be taken lightly in our city, but we here at QConf cannot help ourselves when the perpetrators make it this easy.

Kareem Mohammed, 22, of Ozone Park robbed a clerk at gun point at the Sleep Inn Hotel on Liberty Avenue in Jamaica on May 23.

Mohammed was arrested within hours because he had been a guest at the hotel for four days before the robbery and used his credit card to pay for the room, police said.

Mohammed returned to the hotel around 4 a.m. and was buzzed in by the clerk, who recognized him. Once inside, he pulled out a pistol and said to the clerk, “give me all the big bills.”

He ran off with $635. The room cost approximately $100 per night, according to the hotel website.

Mohammed, who had several prior arrests, allegedly told investigators, “I can’t believe I did this to myself.”

Neither can we, Mohammed, neither can we.