Poetry Performance

St. John’s University freshman and 2014 Youth Poet Laureate Ramya Ramana, who recited the poem “New York City” at Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inauguration ceremony, is wowing the audience again, but this time, at her own show.

4 Queens StudentThe lights were dim at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan, the audience was quiet and there stood Ramya, with a bright-pink flower-clip on her hair, ready to perform.

She recited not one, not two, but five poems Saturday night. Each one was deeper than the one before. Ramana’s words and her personal stories about love, family, skin-color and hurt resonated with many.

One particular highlight of the night was about the backlash Nina Davuluri faced after being crowned Miss America 2014. In the poem, Ramana asks Davuluri to not let racist comments stop her from following her path, telling her she should continue “dancing” and “stomping her feet.”

The weekend show in Manhattan could not have come at a better time for the young poet, as she also celebrated her 19th birthday on March 3.

What a way to spend a birthday weekend!