Platz Hardware: A Long Time Staple In The Neighborhood

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David and Peter Lee of Platz Hardware say the secret to their success is balancing between the old and new ways.
“We are really trying to maintain the mom-and-pop feel,” David said.

The local hardware shop is one that all the locals know in the Ridgewood area because it has been around for the past 110 years.

Platz Hardware Store in Ridgewood has played an essential role in the community’s hardware needs. Photo by Trisha Sakhuja

Platz Hardware Store in Ridgewood has played an essential role in the community’s hardware needs. Photo by Trisha Sakhuja

David spoke highly of what his and his brother’s shop has to offer the community, located at 62-25 Forest Ave., Ridgewood.

He said he was intrigued to buy the store 15 years ago because he visited the shop as a child with his family.
Being that Platz is a full-line hardware store, David said they carry everything from simple nuts and bolts to plumbing and electrical supplies. They also carry painting supplies, hand tools, garden supplies, housewares and fixtures.

“We carry pretty much everything that we are expected to have,” he said.

The hardware store carries a large selection of do-it-yourself supplies that can be used to spruce up parts of the house over the weekend, David said.

Since the times are changing, David said they do offer many new products that are friendly to the new digital era.
“We have increased the type of items sold, but we are still maintaining the old,” he said. “We have kept a balance between the old and the new.”

The goal at Platz Hardware, David said, is to try and turn the throw-it-away mentality to the fix-and-salvage mentality.

David said the customer service they offer is most important to their success. 32A platz2

“That’s what sets us apart from the box stores,” he said. “It’s the willingness to help in person. It’s not just about pushing numbers, it’s actually caring about what they are trying to achieve and making.”

He said that nowadays there is a greater demand for electronics and gardening materials and supplies.

“A lot of people are going to self-sustaining practices, like growing their own vegetables,” David said.

Looking to the future, Peter said they do not see themselves going anywhere, since they have been in the neighborhood since the turn of the century.

“Even with new technologies coming in, I don’t believe it’s possible to change everything so abruptly,” he said.
David said they are offering a 10 percent coupon with a purchase of $50 or more. To retrieve the coupon, visit

The shop is open daily from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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