Pitcher’s Awkward Pitch

Despite going down with an elbow injury to prematurely end his season, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey has been in the news recently.

Harvey did a series of radio interviews promoting a Qualcomm product, including an appearance on the  Dan Patrick Show that turned into a painfully awkward discussion.
When Patrick asked Harvey to talk about his plans for his injured arm, the Mets pitcher declined to speak about it, saying he was only there to make the pitch for Qualcomm.

“We can set up another call, if you’d like to, about that subject, today we’re honoring and supporting Qualcomm,”
Harvey said.

Patrick let him get his pitch in and the interview promptly ended.

Harvey later apologized for the awkward interview and returned to Patrick’s show to chat about his arm later that week.

“I’ve had a few rough outings on the mound, that was a rough outing on the radio this morning…” the pitcher  tweeted. “Been an exhausting couple of days. Apologies to @dpshow and @Qualcomm.”

We’re not sure why Harvey got criticized for the interview, surely there are millions of people dyng to hear about a  product from a company almost no one has ever heard of. We at QConf were at the edge of our seats waiting to hear about Qualcomm.