1. David Chase

    If a driver is unable to avoid hitting a stationary concrete barrier with their car, should they really be driving?

  2. boof

    Seems like the barrier did its job protecting the the lane from incompetent drivers. I hope they tore up that guy’s drivers license on the spot.

  3. NYCer

    Here I fixed it for you:

    Pair Of Northern Boulevard Crashes Prompts Questions About Queens Drivers.

  4. djx

    Wow, that’s some amazingly bad driving there. The city should be doing more to get those drivers off the road, not make it easier for them to hit people on bikes or pedestrians.

    Look at that!

  5. Tyson White

    Let me get this straight: A driver drives up onto a concrete divider and it “raises questions about the bike lane”? Is this the Onion?

  6. Jacob Mason

    It’s disgusting that Tony Avella and this newspaper show more outrage when a car is dinged up then when human beings are injured and killed, something that this design is intended to prevent.


  7. Guest

    Car driver should have license revoked. Either blind or traveling way too fast for the conditions. It’s not difficult to avoid a concrete barrier.

  8. John Dillworth

    Hold on a second. The barriers prevented 2 drivers from putting their multi-ton vehicles accidentally into a bike lane? and people want to take them down? seems they did their job

  9. Common Sense

    Two questions: 1. I’m failing to understand how someone is justifying crashing into a WALL. Operator error? 2. Seems like the WALL is working perfectly and the drivers’ should be tested for drugs and competency. Correct?

  10. James

    There could always be an emergency vehicle stopped in the road, traffic, a child chasing a ball, etc. Hitting a stationary concrete barrier suggests that none of those other things would be safe either…maybe drivers need to pay a little more attention.

  11. Mark

    Looks like the barriers worked protecting people from bad driving.

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