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  1. We The People

    Another community standing up for themselves to fight the Dope from Park Slope failed policies. Awesome!

  2. Ozone Park

    NYC Council district 28 has over 12 homeless facilities in queens – wow the Mayor is putting another one in the 28th District. The Dope reason – 28th District Council needs more homeless facility.
    This new facility will be less than 200 feet away from CTEA High School and within ½ mile of 9 other schools (mostly elementary schools).
    Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven community do not have a homeless problem, so the mayor will bring in 125 adults from who knows where. Community members, let our voice be heard this election – vote him out!
    The Mayor, “Breaking Ground” and “building owner” are putting children endanger for a few bucks. We don’t need a warehouse (drop-in center) to help another 125 adults which will be a block away from the high school. What we need is a safe haven for children such as Pre-K facility, a library, or another elementary school to ease the current over-crowing.
    Children need a Safe Haven – we can’t allow a facility that will endanger children next to the high school.
    Breaking ground said it will provide security guards. Security guards may provide security around the facility, but the best security and safety for our children would be to invest in a true Safe Haven environment.
    Just to be clear a “Drop in Center” is worse than a homeless shelter. Breaking Ground is using the name “Drop in Center” because state law does not allow homeless shelter next to schools.

  3. Woodhaven Voter

    Where is NYS assembly man Mike Miller? What are you doing to stop this?
    I guess you don’t care because people will for vote you.
    Wake up people!!!

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