One Great Severance

In case there was not enough evidence that Queens Library CEO Thomas Galante has a cushy gig, more revelations this week have revealed just how much more he can screw over the City’s taxpayers.

14 Thomas Galante (done)It has recently come to light that making the Galante problem go away is not as easy as simply firing him – not unless the City wants to pay out the nose to get rid of him. The CEO’s employment contract guarantees him a $2 million severance package if he is dismissed.

This is just the latest revelations of the ridiculous contract that has given Galante a $391,594 salary to run the taxpayer-funded library system which has gone under massive budget cuts in the last five years, with more than 100 employees being laid off.

But what does that matter? Galante needed $140,000 worth of office renovations.

That is exactly where the taxpayer money should have gone. At least that’s what Galante seems to think.

So here’s some advice from QConf. If you have the chance to lead a nonprofit, you should take it. You’ll get more perks than you could have ever dreamed of!