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  1. A. Anderson

    I strongly disagree with your editorial. Anyone who has lived in Flushing as long as I have, or who has traveled through the areas around the Mets stadium know that land has been in desperate need of clean-up and improvement for decades.

    For those of us from the area, this is not a park lands versus mall debate. It is a choice between the current condition of these areas (auto salvage yards, chop shops, dirt roads and environmental contamination) and an area that will be a destination to serve the community and drive business development in the virtually unusable area between Corona and Flushing. To describe these areas as “park lands” is a blatant misrepresentation of what exists there.

    What would serve the public’s interest most? Cleaning that area up, making in inhabitable, and providing opportunities for new businesses and jobs. Here is an opportunity to do exactly that, but politicians like Tony Avella (who certainly does not make his home in this area or represent my views!) is trying to fight this improvement project. I agree that affordable housing, public use spaces and additional schools are an important part of this project. I encourage our local government to work with the developers to make those happen as part of the overall redevelopment. But to hold the project up reeks of politics as usual, where some elected officials seem more interested in what’s in it for themselves rather than what’s in it for all of us.

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