Northeast Queens Face-off

A former Northeast Queens City Council candidate stuck his head in to an event that had nothing to do with what he complained about.

Joe-Concannon1Joe Concannon crashed U.S. Rep. Steve Israel’s Small Business bill tour last week in Glen Oaks.

The Congressman was touring the area to announce a bill that would let businesses with less than 50 full-time employees deposit up to 10 percent of their gross profits per year into a special savings account.

While on the tour, Concannon popped into one of the stops to complain to Israel about the Affordable Care Act. He told Israel to repeal the ACA because it’s decreasing jobs in America, calling it “the biggest job killer in America.”

Concannon quickly left after sticking his head in the tour, but still handed out pamphlets while the event was ongoing. Israel quipped back with a comment of his own, though, saying there are anger management classes offered not too far from where the tour was.

Nice comeback Congressman. As for Concannon, you may want to take up Israel’s suggestion. It might help you mellow out just a bit.