North Shore Animal Hospital: Animal Assistance For More Than 70 Years

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While people and organizations often honor doctors and facilities that take care of humans, those who take care of our pets are occasionally overlooked. Luckily, there are places like North Shore Animal Hospital, which has become a steadfast part of the community it has been serving for 75 years.

Throughout its lifetime, North Shore has become a pioneer and trusted source for small animal veterinary care. With a wide array of services and a small team of medical experts, the Bayside hospital has established itself as the go-to place for pet care in northeast Queens.

North Shore Animal Hospital has established itself as a pioneer and trusted source for small veterinary care in northeast Queens. Photo by Joe Marvilli

North Shore Animal Hospital has established itself as a pioneer and trusted source for small veterinary care in northeast Queens. Photo by Joe Marvilli

Dr. Robert Ferber, a veterinarian who graduated from Cornell University in 1939, started the hospital in the same year in his home neighborhood of Bayside. Although he had developed his love of animals while spending time in one of Flushing’s many horse stables, he built the clinic for small animal care and placed it in between the growing towns of Flushing and Great Neck.

During its early years, North Shore was closed temporarily when Robert went to serve in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps in 1942. He returned and reopened the clinic in 1946, moving it over a few blocks to its present location in 1948. It was around this time that his brother, Leonard, joined the practice.

As time went on, the clinic became a multi-generational family business, as Robert’s son, Alan, joined the practice in 1970. After Robert retired in the mid-1980s, Alan took over and remained there until his retirement in 2004. Now, Alan’s son, Michael, is part of the practice as the chief of surgery.

Towards the start of the 21st century, North Shore decided to expand its reach, opening the South Bellmore Veterinary Group as a satellite clinic, in order to bring its quality care to the south shore of Long Island.

North Shore offers nearly every type of service a pet or animal would need within its walls. The care available at North Shore includes boarding for direct observation. Special diets, medications and treatments are given if needed to the pet by the experienced hospital staff. Those pets that have been there a week or more get a complementary bath.

In terms of dentistry, its dental machine is equipped with an ultrasonic scaler and polisher, a high-speed drill and a digital dental x-ray unit. In order to provide the best dental care possible, North Shore’s staff was trained by Dr. Daniel Carmichael, Long Island’s only board-certified veterinary dentist.

North Shore has an in-house lab for dermatologic problems like treating bacterial and fungal disease. It also has in-house blood analyzers for internal medicine. The hospital is equipped for any ophthalmologic needs, whether it is glaucoma, a surgical issue or congenital eyelid malformations.

The clinic also has brand new ultrasound and electrocardiography machines to make the diagnosis as accurate as possible.

North Shore Animal Hospital is located at 42-02 215th St., Bayside. It is open seven days a week. To make an appointment with the clinic, call (718) 701-8379. Visit for more information.

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