Nobody’s Home At 5Pointz

The FDNY is knocking but nobody’s home. DSC_0389

Long Island City’s former 5Pointz building, a 200,000 square foot factory structure once known as a “graffiti Mecca,” is currently scheduled for demolition so that residential towers can go up in its space.

The whitewashing of the building last year caused an uproar from the artists who frequently posted their work there.

Adding insult to injury, the FDNY has apparently left a note on the building calling on the owners to contact the Fire Dept. immediately or face fines, according to previous reports.

While the whitewashing may have sent a message to area artists that 5Pointz was over and abandoned, the FDNY evidently still wants to be in touch.

There are no reports as to whether action has been taking since the note was left in mid-June.

How the mighty have fallen – from a Queens cultural gem to any old building with old notices stapled to the door.