No Disruption To 7 Trains For Festivals

Last week, the MTA announced that 7 train service between Queensborough Plaza and Times Square would be available during the weekend of May 17-18, a big weekend for Long Island City events.

According to a statement from the Long Island City Partnership, the area is expected to draw significant visitors from throughout the City for the weekend. Among events planned for May 17-18 are a block festival on Vernon Boulevard, along with the LIC Arts Open, and Flea & Food Markets in Astoria and Long Island City. The World’s Fair Anniversary Festival will also take place in Queens that weekend.

“The community spoke and [New York City Transit] listened,” read a statement from the Long Island City Partnership. “The 7 line shutdown for needed repairs has caused ongoing hardship for the businesses, residents, cultural organizations and institutions in Long Island City.”

The MTA has planned to shut down 7 train service between Queensborough Plaza and Times Square for several weekends over the course of the summer. The planned service disruptions are for repairs and upgrades to the tracks.

State Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria), who has called on the MTA for alternate schedules for service disruptions, praised the move.

“Finally, the MTA has not only listened to our community on this issue, but taken action,” the senator said in a statement. “LIC Springs! and other events like the LIC Flea and the LIC Arts Open are wonderful displays of how much our neighborhood has to offer, so I appreciate the MTA making it easier to get people here for this one weekend.”

Gianaris noted, however, that while the weekend service for May 17-18 was a victory for the community, there is still work to be done when it comes to getting the 7 train running regularly.

“Of course, when everyone wants to come back and enjoy the weekend in Long Island City for the rest of the summer, we’ll run into the same old problem,” he said. “So I will keep fighting until the 7 train actually running on weekends is no longer news.”