New Mural For Rego Park Coming Next Year

Staff Writer

A new mural is in the works in Rego Park underneath the Long Island Rail Road underpass at 63rd Drive near Queens Boulevard.

The art project will replace the current mural in that same area and display highlights of the neighborhood.

According to Yvonne Shortt, executive director of the Rego Park Green Alliance, the non-profit who is organizing the project, the current mural needs to be replaced as the paint is peeling off since it was first created a few years ago.

But instead of repainting it, the group will display a series of photos and descriptions of the area, creating a new project from scratch. The photos will be seen using boards on top of the cement blocks that make up the wall.

Shortt said this mural will give residents a chance to express their gratitude towards Rego Park as well as tell everyone how it can improve in the future.

“We want to use this as a discussion,” she said. “We want to say what do you love about Rego Park and what do you want to see changed.”

To organize the project, Shortt said there will be a series of meet-ups, about 20 in total, and residents will go out into the neighborhood taking photos of their favorite Rego Park spots.  After the best photos are selected, they will use 3D modeling software to get the photos usable for the mural.

The whole project will begin in January and is expected to take around six months to complete. The group will also partner with local schools and organizations in the area on the project as well.

For more information on the project, visit the alliance’s website,, or email Shortt at

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