New Doctor Heads New Oncology Center At Wyckoff

Staff Writer

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has appointed a new doctor that will lead the expansion of one of its medical centers.

Dr. Jacqueline Nieto is now the medical director of the hospital’s hematology/oncology and cancer services center, taking the reigns earlier this year.

16A Wyckhoff center doctorShe will head the expansion of the Hospital’s Cancer Center program. As director of the division of hematology/oncology, Nieto will work with other officials to give more personalized treatments to their cancer patients and improve the outcomes for people who have hematological and oncological diseases. She will also have a hand in expanding other areas of her unit, including inpatient cancer care, chemotherapy infusion unit and the outpatient clinical cancer services.

Nieto said the position was a good career opportunity and her previous work experience has prepared her to take on the responsibilities the job requires. Nieto was an assistant professor of Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in Manhattan. She is also a registered nurse and worked as a nurse nine years before entering medical school.

Regarding the expansion of the oncology center, Nieto said the volume of patients in their facilities has seen an increase and they need to make changes to meet the needs and demands of people who visit them for help.

“I believe we can, for sure, provide our patients with excellent service,” she said.

Their new center will allow more space to administer treatment like chemotherapy at their hospital instead of sending them out to another health facility for that same treatment. Nieto said there will be two new examination rooms in the center and a bigger waiting room to accommodate more people.

The doctor said these new services will give a more convenient location to residents in the area, instead of traveling to Manhattan.

The cancer-designated center will also allow them to see patients for other types of diseases like leukemia, multiple melanoma and Sickle Cell disease.

If you would like to make an appointment at the center, please call (347) 952-2148.

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