New Artist Space In Long Island City

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A new artist-run gallery is here to stay in Long Island City.

After building 15 years of experience in the art world, three Bangladeshi-American artists launched an art gallery in early December with the hopes of helping and encouraging other artists.

The trio, Bishwajit Chawdhury, Alam Tipu and Kaiser Kamal, have worked in different art galleries and participated in various art shows throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and around the world.

Kamal said since the trio has been “living on art for a while now,” they understand the needs artists have, especially the ones initially starting their careers in art.

“I can feel being an artist, the need and the necessity of other artists, so we really want to try to help them,” he said.

The ArtistRun Gallery, located at 36-21 22nd St. in LIC, is different from the others lining the neighborhood.

“The name says it all, it’s run and owned by artists,” Kamal said.

“We started a gallery to create opportunities for other artists,” he said. “When we approach other galleries, the management of the gallery owner is not an artist and they have more of a business perspective.”

The art gallery’s first official show took place on Dec. 6, where Kamal said he saw a very “lively crowd.”

Even though there was heavy downpour the night of the show, Kamal said, “we were lucky enough to have 100-plus guests. It was a very nice, decent and diverse crowd on opening night.”

Along with their regular art gallery activities, the founders run a printing shop to help cover maintenance costs. They will also organize many programs aimed at helping young artists. The Artist Development program will assist young artists with resume building, their photography portfolios, bios and much more.

“The services and initiatives that we have can be helpful and can encourage artists in different ways,” Kamal said. “I also want art collectors who think paintings are too expensive to buy, to buy affordable high-quality art work here.”

Being stationed in LIC is also very important to the gallery owners because it makes their newly renovated gallery “very accessible,” Kamal said.

On Jan. 24, the curators have planned to put on an informal art show to present their personal artwork and they will celebrate graduating the 2013 Entrepreneurial Assistance Program, sponsored by the Queens Economic Development Corporation, with their peers.

Starting on Feb. 2, the art gallery will host a 10-day contemporary art show.

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