Nearly 900 Needles Found In Forest Park Last Week

Staff Writer

A bag full of hypodermic needles was found late last month in Forest Park.

About 868 needles were discovered in the southern Queens park, but was later cleaned up by the Parks Dept.

Geoffrey Croft, who first wrote about the discovery on his blog, “A Walk in the Park,” said the needles were found under a guardrail near Park Lane South and 112th Street in the park.

Croft said it was disturbing that people discard that many needles in a public place where families and children go on a daily basis.

“That could have potentially been quite dangerous because we don’t know what the needles were used for,” he said.

A Parks Dept. spokesperson confirmed that the needles were found by their personnel and were disposed of. The agency also alerted the NYPD, the spokesperson said.

It is unclear who left the needles at the park, but it could have been a company who did not want to pay to discard the needles, Croft said.

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