Musicians Of Queens: Tati Ana

Tati Ana2

Tati Ana’s music is full of spine-tingling moments. From the dark, electronic atmospherics she conjures up to her ghostly wail, made even more evocative when echoed with itself, the Astoria musician has something that many others look for: an original voice.

Although her music is electronic, Tatiana Kochkareva is influenced by jazz and rock music.

It was her time in the studio that led her to start trying out different sounds and techniques, making her way towards the digital soundscapes she now creates.

“I think it started with me experimenting with sounds in the studio. Once I recorded music, I wanted to figure out how to do it live. Which made me very interested in software, synthetic sounds and that whole part of music. I get really excited about live setups,” she said.

That excitement is what set Tati Ana on the career of being a musician. She decided when she was 14 that music was the path she wanted to take.

Although she is originally from Russia, Tati Ana said her home country’s impact on her is similar to any other immigrant who grew up in two different places.

“It did influence me, but I wouldn’t say I am that different from anyone else who moved here from a different country,” she said. “Musically, I did get exposed to Russian folk and classical music, which I’m sure has influenced me in some way. I do think that there is a lot of melancholy in Russian culture. I relate to that.”

That melancholy comes through in industrial, haunting songs like “Four Walls.” Her soulful vocals and jazzy piano are also utilized often, on tracks like “Cold Water.” Both of those songs can be downloaded for free on her website,

“I just write what I feel and hear and hope that others will like it as well,” Tati Ana said.

While using technology in the studio becomes easier and easier each year, the difficulties of translating those sounds to a live setting remain, according to Tati Ana.

“I’d say the main challenge is you have no idea how each venue is going to sound like. So each time you have to adjust,” she said. “Also technology is incredibly unreliable. I have weird problems all the time.”

Still, despite the difficulties, Tati Ana can often be seen playing venues throughout the City and nearby her home of Astoria.

The musician said that the Queens neighborhood has been a positive influence on her songwriting.

“I like that it’s relatively calm, has lots of great food and it’s pretty diverse,” she said.

One of her most recent performances was in the Battle of the Boroughs competition at the Greene Space in Manhattan. While Tati Ana was not the Queens winner, she did make it into the top five.

Her next upcoming concert will take place at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, on May 28 at 8 p.m. The show is for the release of her upcoming EP. The venue is located at 196 Allen St., New York.