Musicians Of Queens: Rick Rocker


Rick Rocker is the type of musician that anyone can get behind. He writes songs that are near-instant anthems, made for shouting from rooftops, an arena or just your own bedrooms. His music should be played loud, with enough subtleties to keep you coming back for more.

The origin of his music career came from his time at William Cullen Bryant High School.

Rocker started playing guitar in his sophomore year and joined a jazz band in his senior year, giving him his first live experience. His songwriting abilities developed through school as well, where he wrote poetry.

“I loved writing poetry and many people enjoyed reading what I wrote,” Rocker said. “My uncle gave and still gives me a lot of support. He was a huge part in my upbringing as a musician, along with my sister who sings in a band called L Train.”

When it comes to playing live, Rocker said there is nothing better than playing rock and roll and making a face-to-face, person connection with an audience.

“Playing music is all about reaching people and connecting and there’s no way better way to connect to people than being in the same place as them and really sharing a moment…that’s what I live for. Studio recordings are great because you can connect on a general scale but nothing will ever top the intimacy and rush of a live show,” he said. “It’s pure joy and happiness when you give it everything you got on stage.”

Most of the songs off Rocker’s first album, “Spend The Night,” were written in high school and college, with the exception of the acoustic closer, “Chelsey.” The debut was released on April 5 and was preceded by the lead single, which shares its name with the album title.

“It was a blast! I had written and composed all my songs before I went to Killingsworth Studios in Los Angeles, where I met producers Tomas Costanza and David Baker. First, we edited the songs to make them more commercial, mostly shortening verses or music parts,” Rocker said. “I had taken some classes in college on music electronics so I was familiar with the recording process and that helped me a lot. There was still much I didn’t know about recording but I learned even more while I was at Killingsworth.”

Although he recorded his debut on the West Coast, Rocker lives in Astoria, which he called a great place to be a musician.

“I’m right next to the City and there’s always a show or event or something interesting going down! There’s also the luxury of space away from the City when I need it and that’s what I love about Astoria,” he said.

Rocker will play a few post-album release concerts in New York before going out on his first full-length tour this summer. He will play at the Ding Dong Lounge at 929 Columbus Ave. in Manhattan on April 26, followed by a performance on May 31 at Spike Hill in Brooklyn.

To purchase Rocker’s album and keep up with his career, visit his website,