Musicians Of Queens: Christopher Paul


While music played a big role in Christopher Paul’s youth, he did not start in rock music. Growing up as a classical pianist, Paul made the transition in high school to pop-punk. With a deep-seated love of karaoke as well, Paul had everything he needed to start a music career.

“It was only a matter of time before I thought to combine the creation of music through playing an instrument with the performance aspect of singing karaoke,” Paul said. “When I found myself still performing in college, I realized that this is definitely what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Paul’s music is rough and rowdy rock and roll played how it is supposed to be played: fast and loud. His songs have a punk edge, but do not sacrifice melody to put forward that level of energy. The Queens Village musician said his writing process differs from song to song, but it always starts with an idea.

“The initial idea that begins the songwriting process is always sparked by a feeling that I’m having at the current moment,” he said.

The debut EP by Paul, “No Shame In Playing With Yourself,” was conceptualized about a year and a half ago, when he decided to start his own solo recordings after being unable to find band members after graduating from high school.

The record was assembled in Paul’s home studio, with the help of producer Peter Tanico, and it was released in January of this year.

Although he records music under his own name, he is also the drummer for The Silverwings, a band that came together during his freshman year of high school. For Paul, one of the biggest differences between recording with the band and recording by himself is the feedback he does or does not receive.

“I also obviously only have my own opinion when things are recorded so I’ll spend time emailing recorded works-in-progress to get second opinions from my friends,” Paul said. “As a band, one member will act as producer and we record our parts in each other’s company and it’s a much different experience.”

While Queens Village may not have the resources of somewhere like Long Island City, Paul said that the neighborhood has a very supportive music scene.

“There are not many venues to play in Queens Village but there are many talented musicians that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing experiences with over the years,” he said. “We’ve put on shows in each other’s backyards for huge crowds. It’s a tight scene with many local hometown heroes and the best sense of community and family that any music scene can offer.”

The Silverwings are currently recording a new seven-track record titled “Lignum Vitae,” with no release date yet scheduled. Paul is also working on his full-length debut, which he hopes to have out in early 2015. He also plans to play a ton of shows in the City in the near future.

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