Musicians Of Queens: Behind the Façade


Behind The Façade has been a project of singer and guitarist Danielle Minch for years.

It first came together when she was in high school. Since then, the lineup has changed completely, aside from her, evolving into a tight four-piece alternative rock band.

Guitarist Greg Keeley, bassist Ralfie Nunez and drummer Matt Miranda all made their way into Behind The Façade at different times, but all three knew Minch and enjoyed the band’s music before they joined.

“They were friends and fans of the band who expressed interest in joining if a position ever opened up and I was more than happy to bring them into the family when the opportunity presented itself,” Minch said.

Although the band members all come from different parts of Queens, Behind The Façade often practices in Astoria or Elmhurst. The convenience of living in the same borough has definitely made scheduling and planning sessions far easier, according to Minch.

Whether they meet up to record or perform, Minch is happy either way. The brainstorming and piecing together of songs in the studio is as equally enjoyable for her as getting onstage and playing in front of an audience.

“Recording feels like camp. We all take the day (or several days) off, drive out to the studio early in the morning and have lots of fun. It’s great hearing things we’ve been working on for months come to life at once,” she said. “There is nothing better than playing to a crowd who genuinely likes your music and seeing people sing along is what really makes it all worth it. We love meeting and connecting with fans, making new ones and becoming friends with other musicians playing alongside us; the passion is contagious.”

Behind The Façade recently played at Tobacco Road in Manhattan as part of the CMJ Music Marathon 2013. Performing with You, Me, and Everyone We Know, Minch said the band had a fun time, got to meet with industry people and made a good amount of new fans.

The band just released a new single, called “Blue Waves,” the latest from its new EP, “Strangers.” The writing process differed from their first EP, “We Are Fighters.” Minch wrote most of the songs on the first record by herself or with one of the band’s early guitarists, Ivan.

“Blue Waves” was a much more collaborative process with the current line-up.

“We are all very happy with how it came out and especially with the fact that we all played a big role in writing it, which we plan to do with our future songs as well,” she said.

Besides continuing to write new material, Behind The Façade is working on a music video for “Blue Waves” and hope to put on a northeastern tour in 2014.

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