Musicians Of Queens: Beecher’s Fault

Beechers Fault 2

While Beecher’s Fault may write what are traditionally known as “pop songs,” they are not like the hits that you hear on the Top 40 radio. Instead of “over-producing” their tracks, the band said it looks for an earthier element.

“How we craft our music makes us unique,” the band said. “Our songs are pop songs in the fact that they have hooks and memorable lyrics, but behind every song is a thoughtful folk tune.”

Beecher’s Fault started when keyboardist Ken Lamken and guitarist Ben Taylor met in July of 2010. They started recording their first EP that fall and moved to Astoria in early 2011. The neighborhood created a strong background for them to write their music and find shows.

“This neighborhood is great. The support system within the music community in Astoria has helped us in many ways,” they said. “The Astoria Music and Arts group in particular was very welcoming from day one and we’ve continued to be active within that community.”

Musically, this band is chock full of hooks, with melodies that are as light as air, but still impactful enough to get lodged in your brain.

It is the sound of people making the music they love and singing about topics they care about deeply. Given that some of their influences are Wilco, The Verve and Jeff Buckley, this level of craft and dedication should come as no surprise.
This graceful music can be found in their latest EP, “Misbehavior,” which was released at the end of 2012.

The band worked with Jason Kronick of Sonic Architecture and Design Studio for the record.

“A lot of the songs that are featured on Misbehavior were already in our live rotation so we knew the songs very well. The only tough decision was deciding which songs would go on the EP,” Beecher’s Fault said.

2013 has been just as eventful for the group, as they were featured on ESPN in September, performing the theme song for “The Book of Manning” documentary. In 2014, they will tour in support of some new material being worked on now.

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