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  1. Marc Matsil

    That same Queens College study and poll taken that Assembly Member Goldfeder refers also revealed that 70% of Rockaway residents were opposed to rail reactivation. Council member Koslowitz snd Senator Stavisky are equally opposed, as rail reactivation would greatly impair the quality of life for the thousands of adjacent residents and home owners; two little leagues in the abandoned rail right-of-way would close (nearly 3,000 kids would be deprived); and 12 schools that are proximal and adjacent to Mr. Goldfeder’s proposed rail site–including the Metropolitan High School and middle school (supporting 2,700 students) will be subjected to loud train noise. The former rail line closed 60 years ago because it was not economically feasible; a new rail line would most likely replace the A-train–and subject Rockaway residents to increased rail fees, that is not affordable to many residents (the Long Island Railtoad monthly pass is projected at more than $150/month). And finally, 7-acres of precious Forest Park lands would be required to be replaced by State law–in a parkland alienation process. The propoesd QueensWay has overwhelming support by the 6 adjacent neighborhoods and by thousands of Queens residents; would reduce local traffic and automobile-pedestrian fatalities (among the highest in the City). Build the QueensWay!

    1. Marc Matsil

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  2. Ron

    The Rockaway Beach Branch does not have to return as part of the LIRR. It can be part of the subway system, light rail, or even a BUS!

    Light rail can also mean different things. Perhaps a lighter vehicle could be made compatible with the LIRR’s Main Line and/or Montauk Line tracks. It could then run on these rights-of-way but be more “neighborhood friendly,”

    A bus, which would most likely be the most cost effective option, could travel along the Rockaway Beach Branch ROW from Ozone Park until close to Woodside. At the LIRR’s Winfield Junction, where the Main Line and Port Washington Branch converge, there is a truck parking lot. Perhaps the bus could descend to street level and continue (the .5 mile?) to the Woodside 61st Street station. A rider could then transfer to the LIRR or #7.

    Restoring a transit option on the Rockaway Beach Branch ROW would reduce congestion in the Woodhaven Blvd. Corridor & commute times to Midtown Manhattan and Northern Queens not just for Rockaway, but for every neighborhood along the right-of-way, i.e. Broad Channel, Howard Beach, Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Forest Hills, and Rego Park. By the way, Rego Park has not had an LIRR station since the Rockaway Beach Branch was taken out of service.

    AT THE VERY LEAST, there could be a partial reactivation. Light rail along the Rockaway Beach Branch ROW could connect to City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley’s proposal for light rail on the Lower Montauk Branch.

    I hope that the MTA considers these proposals and others in their study in addition to the idea of reactivating the Rockaway Beach Branch ROW as LIRR.

  3. Justin Samuels

    Certain people and the representatives claim that they don’t want to live near a train line. Had urban planners listened to them, it’s doubtful the city would have any train lines, or any street lines. Expanding mass transit in the outer boroughs is something that benefits the entire city, not just a few people who knowingly bought houses near a rail line. As for the idiots who claim that the mainline LIRR to Penn Station causes disruption, well they are free to leave the neighborhood.

    It’s also in the best interest of the city to reopen the Rockaway Beach LIRR. From Penn Station to the Rockaways one used to be able to make the trip in 35 minutes. Having a fast link to the Rockaways would be greatly beneficial to summer beach goes and it would boost real estate and business opportunities for the Rockaways. More travelers would be able to quickly go by train to the racino in Ozone Park, which pays quite a bit of tax revenue to NYS while employing New Yorkers who contribute one way or another to local city taxes. Local taxes whether property or sales tax fund city services like education, libraries, police protection, fire protection. Holding up economic development that increases the city tax base just because a few people (out of 8 million New Yorker’s this is just a handful of people complaining) claim to be inconvenienced by living near a train line is beyond ridiculous. Real estate demand actually goes higher near train lines as it makes areas more attractive to residents and businesses. And it would help Queens tremendously, as there is no direct train service between North Queens and South Queens. To go by train from North Queens to South Queens, one either has to take the E or F to the A train, or take the E to the J to the A. All ridiculous when the ROW exists to have direct train service from North Queens to South Queens via the Rockaway Beach LIRR.

  4. Kelly Kelley

    New York, especially Queens, needs more transportation options and reactivating this line makes sense on so many levels. Traffic along Woodhaven/Cross Bay Boulevard is so bad because most people do not have any other option than to use their cars. If NY can build a monorail linking JFK to Jamaica, then reactivating the LIRR from Manhattan to Rockaway is not impossible. If we’re going to say NY is going to be greener and try to really lower our carbon footprint, then giving the people of Queens a faster, more reliable option is one big step towards less cars on our roads. Make this happen!

  5. Glenn DiResto

    These politicians not suppourting this project look at things with limited vision for the future and are only listening to a few loud residents who make political contributions to these people. So because a few hundred people would be inconvenienced 10’s of thousands of people should be denied access to affordable and fast trasportation to and from work. 10’s of thousands should be forced to sit in traffic along Woodhaven Blvd. 10′ s of thousands of people who want to access Resorts World Casino, The Beaches of Rockaway, Queens Center Mall, JFK Airport and other destinations should be denied because of a few loud people. The population of Queens and New York City is exploding and more Transportation alternatives are needed. This is the only project that will take people out of their cars and using public transportation. It’s a win-win for everybody, even those people who would not use it everyday to commute back and forth to work.

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