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  1. Fredrick Wells

    I think the Q44 SELECT BUS SERVICE should be a 24 Hour operating SELECT BUS SERVICE route due to spacing out the stations in The Bronx to where customers looking for Local stops are to either walk to the nearest Q44 SBS Station or take the Bx36 bus along 174th Street.
    Local service is to be replaced by the Q20 Local and LIMITED in Queens (Local via 14th Avenue, LIMITED via 20th Avenue) with Q20s running at All Times (24 Hour service).

    The Q25 SELECT BUS SERVICE should run between 5 AM and 11 PM on Weekdays and between 6 AM and 10 PM on Weekends at 10 minute headways (7 to 8 minute headways during Rush Hours).

    Then there SHOULD be a Q44 SUPER SELECT BUS SERVICE which is to extend to Fordham Plaza in The Bronx. The stations are at Merrick Blvd/Archer Avenue, Parsons/Archer, Sutphin/Archer, Sutphin/Hillside, Queens Blvd/Main Street, Main Street/Union Tpke, Jewel Avenue/Main Street, Horace Harding Expressway/Main Street, 39th Avenue/Main Street, 26th Avenue/Union Street, 14th Avenue/Parsons Blvd, Lafayette Avenue, Bruckner Blvd, Westchester Avenue/Hugh G. Grant Circle, West Farms Square, East 180th Street/Southern Blvd, Southern Blvd/Fordham Road, and Fordham Plaza. This is to run 7 Days a Week between 5 AM and Midnight at 7 minute headways during Rush Hours, 10 minute headways during the day, and 12 minute headways during Evenings.

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