Many Couples Fall For Autumn Wedding Venues


Voelker Orth Museum’s garden creates a perfect,
scenic vibe for an autumn wedding.

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When it comes to autumn weddings, the main appeal is the season and its effect on nature. Exchanging vows with a loved one among colorful tree leaves is an experience that cannot be duplicated during any other time of year.

If you are planning a wedding, one of the first items to square away is the venue. Finding a location that takes advantage of the fall season should be a priority, but you also need to prepare for poor weather or cold temperatures if they come up.

According to Bri Palillo, director of marketing at The Dover Group, clients are looking for colorful, warm ceremonies when they book an autumn wedding. The Dover Group owns the Coral House, a wedding and catering facility in Nassau County.

“When clients look to book fall weddings, they’re often looking for foliage, specific decor and a real fall environment, consisting of roaring fires, and plenty of brown and orange hues,” Palillo said. “The Coral House books many weddings in September and October because the trees surrounding Milburn Lake become a beautiful color and the outdoor ceremony space can accommodate many guests.”

In a late fall wedding, the temperature could be a concern. In that case, aim for an open-roof ceremony. That way, you can get married underneath a sunny sky without obstructions, while your guests are comfortable in the heated aisles.

Palillo also recommended that you have a plan B, in case your outdoor wedding is ruined by a sudden storm.

“Make sure you have a backup plan, as the fall is a very unpredictable time of year,” she said. “If you’re set on an outdoor event, make sure your guests are comfortable if the weather is on the chilly side.”

There is no better borough then Queens to get in touch with nature while staying in New York City. Rustic, historic venues can create picturesque moments that will last a lifetime.

One of the best spots for a fall wedding is the Voelker Orth Museum, Bird Sanctuary and Victorian Garden. The Trellis archway in its garden is a popular spot for wedding ceremonies. The surrounding flora and wildlife also adds to its unique, relaxing setting.

“Our lawn, it’s lush and beautiful. It’s such a secluded little haven, just off bustling Northern Boulevard,” Gloria Lomuscio, office manager at Voelker, said. “We have wonderful foliage all around. We have a wonderful pond where these koi live happily. All in all, it is a lush backdrop for a venue.”

Lomuscio added that spring and fall are the most frequently booked times of the year for weddings, with different plants and flowers adding to the surroundings for each season.

“We are a bird sanctuary. We have tons of trees that will attract birds and butterflies,” she said.

Besides being a great location for a wedding ceremony, Lomuscio added that couples use the inside and outside of the Flushing museum for their wedding photos. To learn more, call (718) 359-6227.

A popular choice for autumn weddings is a barn, adding to the rural feeling for the season. For a Queens version of this type of venue, there is Queens County Farm Museum. You can rent the barn complex for a spot that fits in any weather. It fits up to 120 people, including room for dancing. Hold the ceremony outside, near the season maize maze and the pumpkin patch, then go into the spacious barn for the reception.

Couples interested in booking the Queens Farm have to make reservations six months in advance and a visit is required before booking. The venue has its own catering and rental services, though you are welcome to use your own. For reservations, call (718) 347-3276, ext. 301 or email

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