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  1. Johnsie P Finney-Tate

    Yes there is racism in America and always will be. There needs to be something done for Gun Control. They need prayer back in the schools and in these offices need prayer. Just like they mistreated Jesus is the way they are mistreating Blacks. Man thinks they can control everything but they can’t. I don’t know who told them they were GOD. Man didn’t put the clouds, moon and stars above us and this ground we walk on. People better get there house in order because THE ALL MIGHTY IS COMING BACK. Too much evil in this world. Too many people on EGO trips and those people who claim to be crazy got a whole lot of sense. People with MONEY can’t take it with them. It’s funny when they think they can buy the world. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPINESS, UNITY AND PEACE IS. GET RIGHT CHURCH AND LET’S GO HOME.

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