Magic Tram Ride

Let’s say you want to travel between Long Island City and Central Park. It’s a nice day and you don’t want to get cooped up in a subway car. Well, one project has come up with an idea: expand the tram.Tram

The Forum for Urban Design recently put together a list of 46 proposals as part of its Next New York project. The projects are all speculative imaginings of what the future of the City could look like. One concept is to extend the Roosevelt Island Tramway from Central Park South to Queens Plaza.

Of course, none of the projects listed are include in the yearly budget and many of them would surely be pricey. But the view would definitely be nicer than the inside of a tunnel.

While it may be expensive and an offbeat idea, this QConf reporter thinks it would be a big hit. After all, some people will do anything to avoid taking the subway!