Looking Towards Tomorrow

We can only imagine what the organizers of the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs would think if they saw how the world has changed in the ensuing years. Maybe they would be in awe of the advancements in science and technology. Just as likely, they could be disappointed that we have not progressed even further.

The two World’s Fairs held at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in the last century were showcases of what could be, providing generations with a glimpse of the future. But the future is ever-changing and as new generations grow up more comfortable with new technologies, there is no better time to show off what our futures hold than right now.

And there is also no better place to host a new World’s Fair than right here in Queens. The Borough is home to representatives of cultures all over the world. The idea of fostering togetherness and understanding of different cultures is a way of life here, so why not give us the opportunity to spread that message to others?

This year, we celebrate two World’s Fair anniversaries, and the office of new Borough President Melinda Katz is rolling out plans to commemorate those events. But we should do more. We should begin planning a new World’s Fair, one that will look to our future and take pride in our present.