Looking To The Future

Whether you were born here, moved here or made it your life’s ambition to make it here, living in New York is a goal for millions of people throughout the world. As Queens continues to grow, and as the development of new housing facilities persists, the Borough will be a destination for the City’s incoming population.

But if these new developments are not forced to offer housing that is affordable to all segments of the population, Queens will no longer be the diverse hub that it has historically been. As prices for the housing market continue to climb upward, too many residents will find themselves priced out of finding a livable apartment at an affordable price.

Some of the repercussions of less-expensive housing units can be seen in the ongoing battle over the new homeless shelters that have been opened in the Borough. When a family cannot afford a place to live on their wages, but they also cannot afford to leave the City, where else can they turn?

While there is obviously a demand for more luxury housing options, demand for affordable housing will never go away. New developments, like the ones in Astoria and Long Island City, will no doubt attract a high price tag from people looking for a great view of the Manhattan skyline. But these developments should never come at the expense of allowing others to find a decent place they can call home.

The lack of affordable housing in Queens has been an issue for decades, and it will surely be an issue throughout the next century. We hope that City officials eventually recognize the great need for more affordable housing units and make sure that developers allow for lower-priced options in the years to come.