Looking Back On Sandy

Just about a year ago, Superstorm Sandy slammed the City, causing millions of dollars in damage and countless problems for an unprepared infrastructure.

Twelve months later, despite discussions and plans, we are no closer to being prepared for a strong storm than we were before Sandy hit our shores.

Yes, we have identified problem areas and we have noted what should be done to alleviate concerns, but those minor steps would undoubtedly be a small comfort should we be hit with another storm. City and State agencies continue to bicker over whose jurisdiction certain fixes would fall and while the government decides who gets to wield the red tape, residents of Queens are left waiting, hoping that Mother Nature grants us a reprieve until everything is settled.

With a new Mayor, a new Borough President and several new City Councilmembers being sworn in this January, we hope that protecting the interests of those who have suffered since Superstorm Sandy takes a priority, and is not just being used for political gain.

We also hope that we are not recovering from another storm by the time that happens.