‘Linsanity’ Returns To New York City

A documentary showcasing the craziness of “Linsanity” appeared on the big screen last week.

The popularity of former New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin was shown in a biographical movie entitled “Linsanity: The Jeremy Lin Story.”Jeremy_Lin_with_the_Knicks_and_reporters

Two years ago, Lin burst onto the scene, coming off the bench and becoming a prominent player on the team that year. His run was highlighted by scoring 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers and hitting a game-winning three pointer against the Toronto Raptors.

Many fans, especially those of Asian descent because of Lin’s Asian-American background, flocked to Madison Square Garden and restaurants and bars to watch him play and “Linsanity” engulfed New York City in 2012, including the heavily-Asian Flushing.

Although many in New York barely pay mind to Lin anymore, he is no longer on the team as the Knicks declined to
match an offer sheet made by the Houston Rockets, they can revisit that time by watching the movie.

Comptroller John Liu, a Flushing resident, has sent out emails promoting the movie and his appearance at its
premiere last week in Manhattan.

We guess Liu is grasping for some attention since his bid for Mayor was unsuccessful last month. We also wonder about all the hoopla around Lin back then, since he has turned out to be an above-average player at best.