LIC Tour Explores Queens Through Its Diverse Food

Staff Writer

One Queens native believes our Borough has the answer to Manhattan’s attractions – and it is right underour forks.

Richard Mumith officially launched Local Finds food and culture walking tours in Long Island

City last week with his friend and partner Sergey Kadinsky.

The idea behind Local Finds, he said, is to “promote the most diverse Borough through its food.”

“We never understood why Queens had to play second fiddle to the other Boroughs,” Mumith, a Jamaica Estates native, said.

“It’s one of the best culinary frontiers for cuisine out there – over 200 languages represented, and with that we have so many foods that come with it.”

According to Mumith, Local Finds launched in Long Island City due in part to its proximity to Manhattan, in order to attract tourists.

However, he said, “while we originally started out to target tourists especially, we have found locals are now the majority of our customers.” Mumith added that now, he wants “to encourage locals to actually know what’s going on in their backyards this whole time.”

Long Island City’s rich cultural history was also attractive to Local Finds as a launch pad for their tours.

The company chose to feature restaurants that are “popular with the locals [and] have an interesting story,” Mumith said. “Eating is just one part of this tour.”

The Local Finds Long Island City tour includes a number of Vernon Boulevard’s most noted names, such as Woodbines and Alobar.

For Mumith, an important aspect of representing Queens is creating a program that is as diverse as possible.

On the Long Island City tour menu, customers will eat Italian rustic, new American and Irish pub cuisines, with stops at the Sweetleaf coffee shop and the Rockaway Brewing Company as well.

Mumith said that he hopes to expand the tours in the future, and that Local Finds has its eye on the Rockaways and Flushing.

Tours are given every Sunday starting at 11 a.m., rain or shine, running about three hours. More information on tickets and the tour’s stopping points can be found at www.

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